Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy Effortlessly With RoboVac Pro

The intelligent sensors and impressive suction power of this slim robot vacuum cleaner means you’ll be able to keep every room in your house looking spotless, but without having to do any of the hard work yourself.

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Thousands Of Families
Love the Handiness of RoboVac Pro

RoboVac is the number one choice for keeping your home looking clean and tidy. It’s designed to work on all surfaces, and is small enough to easily access all those tough to reach areas. It uses highly advanced sensors to detect and avoid hazards and obstacles. And if that’s not enough, it’ll clean rooms in just a matter of minutes, meaning you can save time, put your feet up, and let this robot do the hard work for you. That’s why thousands of customers love RoboVac!

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Has Over
45,000+ Five Star Reviews

Complete Control Portable Vacuum

RoboVac Pro is equipped with a powerful turbine and fan blade, and provides long-lasting powerful suction of up to 6000Pa. It’ll easily remove debris from floors and hair and dander from carpets.

Fast And Automatic Cleaning Power

Infrared sensors intelligently detects obstacles and avoids collisions, meaning you can leave RoboVac Pro to get to work without having to do anything yourself.

Cordless, Lightweight High Coverage

Choose from RoboVac Pro’s automatic random cleaning path or more efficient zigzag path for higher coverage and less missed scanning.

Non-Stop Powerful Cleaning Anywhere, Anytime

RoboVac Pro’s unique design allows it to move easily from hard floors to carpets, and slide over thresholds less than 1.5cm for continuous cleaning across the room without any risk of it becoming stuck.

What Makes This Robot Vacuum The
#1 Choice For Helping You Stay Cool?

RoboVac Pro is your go-to solution for powerful, quick and super convenient cleaning. Whether you’re using it at home, in the office or even taking it with you on your travels, this robot vacuum works quickly to clean up messes and keep places looking clean and tidy.

Unique Air Inlet Design

RoboVac Pro has been designed to last and keep working. It features a unique air inlet design, which won’t get blocked by hair or dander unlike many other of its competitors that use roller brushes, making it the perfect solution for anyone with family pets.

Near Soundless Operation

Unlike many other robot vacuum cleaners available, RoboVac Pro is very quiet when in use. Switch it on anytime throughout the day and it won’t distract you or your kids.

Long Battery Life

Despite its impressive cleaning power, RoboVac Pro still has a long battery life. This robot vacuum is capable of running up to 60 minutes per charge.

Small Enough To Use Anywhere
But Powerful Enough To Tackle The Toughest Of Messes

RoboVac Pro only measures 2.91′ in size, but has all the power and cleaning performance of bulkier manual cleaners. Its cordless design affords free mobility and enables easy clean-up whenever you need it, saving you time and effort. You can finally ditch your old vacuum cleaner and say goodbye to the monotony of tedious cleaning chores forever!

Robot Vacuum Has Over
45,000+ Five-Star Reviews



“I can’t say enough great things about this robot vacuum. I can’t believe the things that will pick up from sand to dog hair and even dog food. Emptying the canister is simple and you can even wash the filters. Don’t look any further and just buy this… You won’t regret it. I’m about to buy another one for upstairs”

– Ken S



“You’ve probably heard the expression that something really “sucks”! Well I can say this thing “really sucks”. It has better suction than any of the other battery powered vacuums I owned in the past and I’ve had several. Great product!”
– Garry B



“Love this robot! It cleans the entire house. It cleans everywhere, including UNDER THE BEDS! I am one happy camper with this item.”
– Daniel J


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